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sleeping now goodnight fuck u love u

and this same girl is one of the ppl there that i told im a feminist so they save all their rape jokes and “get in the kitchen” bullshit for me. she knows ive had sex, and goes around telling ppl that i had a threesome w two other girls? wtf? im straight as hell and she knows that but shes spreading all this bs and all her little 18 y/o minions wont leave me the fuck alone. i s2g i wanna punch her but i feel like bc its always jokes  and theyre the kind of jokes that r still “ok” to most ppl i cant do shit about it. cuz every1 likes her, and if i flipped out over “just a joke” ppl would think im being a bitch or s/t. i defend myself bbut its always lightheartly? kinda? idk i dont even think she understands how what shes doing is fucked up.

i made the mistake of showing one of my coworkers a pic of me at 18 and now she always wants me to show ppl and tells them its “my sister.” idk if she dpesnt realize it but that is crazy offensive. like bitch, i am not THAT fucking fat now that you can say to my face that basically i am completely unrecognizable from when i was younger. would you do that to someone obese? probably not bc its fucked up. why the fuck would u do it to some1 who OBVIOUSLY has a problem w their weight? shes obnoxious as hell.

birdsex ASKED: Drugs or rock n roll

im on drugs rn tbh (sorry mom)

jib--reel ASKED: princess or daddy